Lotus Elan M100

After the surprise that the engine of my Lotus Elan M100 (1991) with TSL added runned so smoothly, I added TSL in my 12 year old Volvo V40 T4. A 250 horsepower, tuned engine which was already quite fuel efficient with 8,9 liter per 100km. After just a year, the engine already ran at 8,2 liter per 100km. The engine now runs smoother and quieter. However especially adding TSL to the older gear did wonders, because it became really quiet. Equally surprising is that oil consumption is demonstrably reduced by 340,000 km, as I now have to refill much less than before. A colleague of mine with a Volvo V70 4W had exactly the same experience. A friend of mine used TSL in his 8-year-old Saab 93. On the road to Dyon he issued a text stating that the Saab was so quiet that it was like an electric car. I also convinced a Lotus Elise S1 rider from Middelburg to add it to the engine oil of his very noisy Rover engine. On Monday he called me at the office with the news that he was full of surprise about his engine. He enjoyed the ride back from Zwanenburg to Middelburg, enjoying the fantastic whirring sound of its engine. I received many praise for TSL from people who used TSL. In short, I am a confident user of TSL and thus also of the oil pen and spray.

Henri L. van Gelder uit Breukelen

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