Defender td5

Since a 1000km I'm driving with TSL in my engine oil, and for a 500km also in the gearbox, transfercase and both differentials.
This is a Land Rover Defender 110 SW td5 from 2000. My first results with this oil.
Direct reduction of noise and vibration, smoother, more power in the lower engine speeds and greatly improved cold start.

Now, after 1000, respectively. 500km after adding tsl I notice a very tight fast cold start with the immediate stabilization of the idle speed. (less than 2 s) where the block previously ran for about 5 seconds to find a stable rpm.
Also the acceleration seems to be better, the noise decreased and the valvelifters of the td5 seem to rattle much less. 

Now I can drave with this car a 5% slope when idling, I dont have to touch the accelerator and to worry about stalling.
Previously this was very difficult for the car.
It also seems the entire drive makes less noise and smoother running, and the 1st signs of fuel savings are emerging on long journeys.

TSL is in my opinion a very good additive that does what it promises. All signs of reduced wear, fuel economy, more power and smoother running engine and the entire drivetrain.
I want to see what future brings but the signs are very positive, and I think the tsl will also be added at the next oil change on all powertrain components.

Jos Marx

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